Consulting Services

Digital Marketing

Your 2022 marketing strategy should include a robust digital marketing component.

  • Social Content Schedule
  • Content Creation
  • Engagement, Reach, KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • SEO Guidance
  • Blog Creation
  • Website Content


How you communicate to your audience matters. The tone, the language, the content. I provide writing services, including articles, blogs, messaging and more.

Media Engagement

Getting the right people to listen to your story is harder than it looks. Along with thoughtful messaging to your audience, engaging with the media can be a critical part of your communication strategy.

  • Press Release
  • Media Advisory
  • Media Pitch/List
  • Talking Points Creation
  • Interview Prep

Project Management

Sometimes a little help in the organization department is useful. I work with you to identify action items, milestones, resources, and tools to get you from an idea to a dream come true.

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Integrated Action Items
  • Progress Tracking