1 of Unlimited

I believe that all men and women are created equal. And anything written by me is in pursuit of that belief.

I am not an important person. I don’t lead governments or make policy. I am not intentionally affiliated with any political party nor do condone the discrimination of ANYONE. To say that I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an accurate statement, although it seems to be an opinion that is no longer popular.

I don’t know how to make a difference, or if I can. But I do know I am starting an enlightenment that will grow and change as I do, so even if I am the only one who reads it, I am going to write it all down until I figure it out.

I am not racist, but I fear I lack cultural diversity and therefore see all people through the same lens of unequivocal equality. Which, I have come to realize, is an idealistic and I dare say naive outlook of the world. 

With that said, I do not condone fear as a means for change. While fear can temporarily motivate a desired outcome, it is fleeting, uncontrollable and volatile. When you unleash evil, with the caveat that nothing else has worked or insist on its necessity, you are presenting yourself as not only short sighted but presumably to lack the intelligence or the motivation to use a far greater medium for persuasion: logic. 

While legal and civil actions have been fought for and won over, it appears that a systemic fear and discrimination, known as racism, runs rampant in our nation surrounding the black community. We have been taught through generational bias, as whites and blacks, to resent and mistrust the other. Not every person in these categories is reflective of this description inherently, or even consciously. But if this statement were not, on the whole, true, we would not be facing this systemic issue. Am I wrong in this assessment?

To understand how to move forward, we must address the fact that we, Americans, hold that responsibility as individuals first and are responsible for every action we make daily. We will not be able to reverse prejudice with anger or violence. That will only breed further resentment on both sides until the divide is so great that it can never be bridged. Let’s instead turn to education for ourselves and others to help us understand what has really happened in our history and a sustainable way to respect one another as equals at present and in the future. Let’s put aside our shame and our pride and admit that we have fallen short of objective liberty as it pertains to equality and our constitutional right to such sovereignty. Men and women who were not free died in dedication to such ideals. Though countless revisions and definitions have enhanced or corrected a flawed system, such is the very right in defense of which America was born and in defense of which we continue to evolve. I urge everyone involved in this movement, this important movement, to use it as a means to unify a species, instead of define a race. 

We live in a beloved nation built on challenging the status quo in pursuit of what is objectively right, defined by diversity and unified by the human condition. I have put as much as I have thought about these past weeks into writing and I will continue to elaborate as I find the words that clarify my thoughts and questions; with which I hope to create honorable dialogue for those who have come before us and the generations that depend on us. 

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